Brand your product through SMS

What does the world’s largest airline company have in common with a gym? We live in a noisy world. Marketing research firms estimate the average person sees 5,000 ads a day, up from 500 a day in the 1970s. Everywhere you look there’s an ad for something. Online. On...

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Let’s Talk About Text Baby, Let’s Talk About You and Me

If you read the subject line with the correct musical rhythm, then kudos to you - you are a lyrical gangster.  But enough of me reliving the 90's, let's get down to business!  If recent trends continue, and believe me they will, your email inbox is going to need to...

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What A New Member Alert Can Do For Your Club

Keeping up with each and every new member you enroll day to day is going to be a challenge. At Textmunication we understand that the first 90 days of a new member joining any club are critical. Within the first 90 days you can often determine if a member will be...

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Feature Specific SMS Billing Alerts

How fast are you able to collect YOUR EFT dues? One of the many benefits of Textmunication text messaging features is the ability to alert you members of their past due bill. This can be automated by integrating with your CMS (club management system). Textmunication...

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The Cellphone Sins – What Not to Do With Your Cellphone

Since the advent of cellphones (and as of recent, smartphones), our communication culture has changed completely. Unprecedented in history, people everywhere now can be contacted by anyone else, provided that they have the correct phone number. This has changed the...

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Giving Customers a Second Chance

Giving your customers a second chance to redeem text message coupons can boost your sales. When customers have an opportunity to take advantage of something they almost missed they are more likely to make a purchase. Creating a sense of urgency among your customers...

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The Power of Textmunication

Humans have an innate need to communicate with other humans. Meeting others at local watering holes to exchange information has allowed us to survive. Our ancestors frequently visited these social hubs in order to receive the latest news. Imagine the consequences of missing conversations about irregular bison migrations or new ways to plant corn. Failing to make an appearance at these sites could create nutritional gaps in our ancestors’ diets, so it was important for our ancestors to socialize with each other.

Today’s watering holes might look different, but we still have the need to exchange information with fellow humans. One can even say that our phones have become the new “watering holes” because we use text messages to communicate with each other. We send alerts, wish our friends happy birthday, and even invite people to join us at the gym.

Textmunication has become a great way to reach other humans in a matter of minutes. Imagine how using this tool can help your business attract new customers and retain present ones.

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Impact of online advertisement campaigns

  Today, navigating the web means to meet so much advertisement in many different forms, from pop-up ads to blog articles, from videos to advertised companies in the most popular social medias. We can say that we are literally surrounded by advertisement...

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