What Can SAM Do For You?

Send text messages in bulk using our smart SMS automation software and highly scalable messaging APIs


Generate more sales using text messaging

Direct traffic and create engagement that boosts sales and deliver your promotions with the highest performance metrics any channel can give you

Meet SAM, the app the does it all.

Generate more sales with Textmunication
Textmunication SMS app helps you do more

More than selling, service and support using text

Automate your text messaging interactions to improve your customer journey when they need support or service from you business.


Why choose SAM by Textmunication

Since 2009 we have helped small and large businesses go mobile direct and join conversations using the most popular medium known today.
What can SAM do for you?
Reach more people and do more with SAM and Textmunication

Group messaging, automation, targeting, you name it

SAM has a feature depth ranging beyond 25+ market proven text marketing solutions so your strategy never becomes stale.

Explore everything you get with SAM

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