Frequently Asked Questions 

Welcome to our FAQs. Here you can explore frequently asked questions and get the answers you are looking for.
If there is a question you have but cannot find the answer to, please feel free to contact us.

How many SMS credits do I need?

One SMS credit equals one text message. If your club plans to contact your subscribers four times a month, you would need a plan like TXTM2 to satisfy your engagement need.

Are there any setup fees?

We do not have any setup fee. Also, if you plan to start a trial period there is no credit card or obligation. We truly believe you should try before you buy.

Why is SMS seen as intrusive for members?

SMS marketing is really direct. Which is why it has received that reputation, but only under conditions when it is not practiced under compliance. SMS communication works on an opt-in and opt-out basis so those that don’t want text will not receive them.

Is there anything I need to address on my end when launching an SMS Program?

There actually is a few items, but most importantly, don’t disclose a commitment to a numerical amount of messages they will receive. Instead use “periodic or re-occurring” messages.

If I am integrated, how do I opt-in new members and prospects into the platform?

Textmunication auto-pulls new members, prospects and cancellations each night. We automate the SMS disclaimer within the required 48 hour window letting the member know that they will receive periodic messages. We also equip users with additional opt-in sources such as keywords and online sign up forms.

If I have an existing provider and want to switch, can I roll over my database?

Yes you can! You may convert your opt-in data. Before launching Textmunication’s service, we just need to parse your opt-out data to eliminate those members from receiving messages from us since they technically opted out in the past.

Any cancellation fees?

There is no cancellation fee at all, although if you cancel in the middle of the month and you have sending activity on your account, you will just be billed on what you used for that month. Fair enough.

Am I charged for how many subscribers I have in my portal?

Absolutely not! There is no charge at all for the number of subscribers you have in the system.

How often should I text my members without it being too much?

We recommend not texting the same individual or same group more than 4 times in a given month unless you have justified reason for doing so, which is okay. Just communicate that and make sure the meaning behind your message is clear.

How do I get my existing database members and prospects to opt-in?

First, you will have to convert them to a spread if they are not already and you can simply upload your data locally. If you are an integrated product with us, their data will be auto-pulled. If it is their first time receiving outreach from you they will also automatically receive a disclaimer letting them know that they have been enrolled in your SMS program. That way you will be in compliance and they have the opportunity to either opt-out or stay tuned.

Do my text messages roll over from month to month if I do not use them?

Unfortunately, there is no rollover because every month your text message limit resets. Which is great because it will motivate you to stay on top of your mobile program. So send away!