Service / Repair Centers 

Service / Repair Centers 

Tim’s car is reaching 5000 miles since his last oil change. He know he needs it done, but he wants the best service with the lowest price. Thankfully, last time he got his oil change with you, he signed up for SMS alerts from your company and today he recieved an oil change coupon. Now he knows where he is going. Textmunication pointed him in the right direction… right to your business.

In a fast-moving society, reliable service is priceless. While you provide that service for your customers, Textmunication can provide you with the extra marketing to bring your customers to your door every time. With our platform it is quick and easy to send alerts for oil change reminders, recall notices, service offers, and specials. Remind customers of upcoming appointments and scheduled maintenance. Quickly inform customers when service is finished and their vehicle is ready for pick up.

Businesses in any industry are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency. Let Textmunication be your marketing tool to help you reach your maximum potential.

• Easily build a database with instant offers or contests (FREE OIL CHANGE)

• Send alerts for maintenance reminders, recall notices, service offers, and specials

• Send appointment reminders and allow for reschedules or cancellations by SMS

• Advertise this week’s specials or sales to drive in additional customers

• Send seasonal specials like wiper blade sales in winter

• Send notifications when their car is ready for pick up

• Use text to follow up on recommendations the customer declined to boost your service sales

We can’t wait to see what you build.



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