What is 10DLC and What Does It Mean to SMS Messaging?

What is 10DLC and What Does It Mean to SMS Messaging?

There is a big shift that is happening right now in the A2P market in regards to shared short codes, 10DLCs and how messages will be sent and received. The main three key takeaways are one, short shared codes are no longer going to be a service major wireless carriers will provision in the US and Canada. Two, all major carriers will start to offer their 10DLC services in 2021 and onward. Three, if you plan to use a 10DLC on A2P software you have to register your business. 


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Those are essentially the core of the changes that you should be aware of, but we would like to break down the concepts in a little more depth so you can really wrap your mind on the details of this industry change.


What is 10DLC?


10DLC, stands for 10-digit long code. 10DLC are synonymous to the number you probably have associated with your iPhone, android or cell phone right now. A 10DLC number is a 10-digit number that commercial entities can use to send high or low volume text (SMS) message marketing campaigns using A2P messaging software (SAM is our A2P messaging software).


Why 10DLC moving forward?


10DLC messaging technology is an advancement in messaging solutions because it gives you the SMS long-code at a reasonable price with the speed that a shared or dedicated short code would give you with A2P products. Here are some other reasons why the aggregators and major wireless carriers are also advancing the policy:


  • Improve deliverability because 10DLC allows for higher message throughout
  • Enhances consumer trust because it is a number your consumers already recognize
  • Makes existing landline conversion more seamless
  • More clear campaign tracking since it is not being shared with other businesses
  • Since it is a 100digit number, it is voice-enabled and can either be texted or called
  • Cost saving because they are cheaper than short codes


SMS throughput is the measure of the transaction speed of a data transfer essentially between an A2P and cell phone.


How does 10DLC work and what do you need to do?


It is plug and play. Once you sign your business up with a text message marketing software provider you should be prompted at the provisioning phase to declare your 10DLC. We are currently working on deploying a self service 10DLC sign up process that will allow you to do the following:


  • Search for and purchase multiple 10DLC numbers
  • Migrate your existing long codes
  • Register brand, campaign and use-case information
  • File a campaign brief with the US carriers that ask for it
  • Obtain a trust score to increase throughput of your campaigns
  • View status of campaigns and which 10DLCs are assigned to them
  • View a summary of your owned 10DLCs (and all other originators)

Source: OpenMarket

Jonas Fitness Integrates with Mobile Marketing Solution, Textmunication

Jonas Fitness Partners with Mobile Marketing Solution, Textmunication
Partnership provides club owners with innovative mobile marketing solutions
January 18, 2016 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
WEBSTER, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jonas Fitness®, the leading club management software and billing services provider to the health and fitness industry has integrated with Textmunication, a leader in mobile marketing communications, allowing Jonas Fitness customers to communicate with their members more effectively. The complete set of powerful, automated messaging features available on the Textmunication platform includes:
-Lead generation
-Health tip alerts
-New member alerts
-Billing decline alerts
-Birthday alerts
-Reminders for renewals
The collaboration will offer Jonas Fitness customers advanced online tools to more precisely reach their members, build brand recognition and increase marketing ROI. In addition, members who have not worked out for several weeks can receive reminders along with incentive offers for family and friend referrals.
Textmunication’s unique mobile solution is used by leading clubs such as Gold’s Gym, World Gym, Fitness 19, Anytime Fitness, Crunch Fitness, UFC and many more health club chains. “SMS marketing and communication is the most powerful way to communicate with our clients’ members,” says Wais Asefi, CEO at Textmunication. “It is a huge timesaver for health club owners who tell us that it immediately magnifies the impact of their marketing and operations efforts in terms of member retention, lead generation and conversion, billing recovery and staff productivity.”
About Jonas Fitness
Jonas Fitness is a division of Jonas Software and has been providing industry-leading health club management software, payment processing and member-service solutions for over 30 years to some of the largest clubs and fitness centers in the United States.
About Jonas Software
Jonas Software operates over 50 independently-managed software companies around the world, providing them with the strategic guidance and financial security required to be leaders in their respective markets. With our roots formed in the Construction and Club Management markets, our reach has grown extensively within the Hospitality and Industrial verticals, and today we are proud to supply industry leading enterprise management software and related services to 15 vertical markets. www.jonassoftware.com
About Textmunication
Textmunication is an online mobile SMS marketing platform service provider that helps health and fitness clubs communicate more effectively with their members using a non-intrusive, FCC-compliant text messaging medium to build loyalty, engage and retain members, generate new business and recover payments. Fitness centers across North America rely on the easy-to-use Textmunication dashboard to customize and automate text messages to select member groups and individuals so that they immediately receive the latest promotional offers, discounts, service alerts, events, training schedules and any other tailored content right to the palm of their hand.
For Jonas Fitness, Inc.
Jessica Winn, 888-590-0026
Marketing Manager
For Textmunication, Inc.
Bret Andersen, 800-677-7003 x105
Sales and Business Development

Help! My Staff Is Becoming Zombies


Every New Year Health and Fitness businesses get very busy with newbies looking for a lifestyle change. This is the best time of year for sales and your staff is ready with both guns loaded. Am I right?
Not necessarily. What usually happens is that your staff goes into Zombie overload and you find that they are now just order takers. “I would like membership #1 please” It is the worst time of year for retention.
So how do you keep them coming back, telling their friends, introducing them to new profit centers. Who is going to have time to do all of this very important work?
Text message marketing is the best tool I have seen in decades for the health and fitness industry. Text messaging is an online mobile marketing & communication platform that synchronizes with your Club Management System to support; sales, service, operations and retention with todays most popular & effective forms of communication. It is a Zombie fighting machine.
Want more info text “Leads2016” to 87365 and we will set up a complete demo.

Textmunication Testimonial by the Health Club Doctor

Health Club Doctor, Inc is a full concept to completion health and fitness consulting firm that specializes in helping gyms, health clubs and fitness studios reach maximum profit. Jarrod Saracco, President and Owner of HCD, is a 20 year veteran in the health and fitness industry with strong roots in personal training, club general management and B2B equipment sales. HCD’s sole focus is to create and maintain top performing fitness clubs that outpace the competition.

Jarrod is a dynamic and inspiring speaker/presenter at events such as IHRSA, Club Industry, NEHRSA, Can Fit Pro, the National Fitness Trade Show, the YMCA AYP conference, and has been the Keynote Speaker at CMS Conventions in the USA, Sweden & Finland.  He is set to give another keynote presentation along with two management workshops in Warsaw, Poland in April 2015.

Testimonial by Jarrod Saracco


Saracco had this to say: “I am pleased to partner with TEXTMUNICATION at this time.  Everyone gets bombarded with hundreds of emails every single day, so email marketing is starting to lose its effectiveness. However, just about everyone will read their text messages!  With TEXTMUNICATION’s easy to use platform and seamless integration with existing health club management software, this is a home run for club operators and fitness professionals around the world. I am excited to be at the forefront of this communication strategy and to be able to bring these systems to the fitness industry.’

If you will would like to request a demo or have general questions, please contact us one of the following ways:

Thanks in advance and make it a great day!

Additional Information:
How to Get Started Here
Textmunication Features
CMS Textmunication can Integrate With

Living on an internet full-time connection

We all know that the increasing growth of the IT is often related to users’ level of education. However, an important role is also – and probably more likely – played by local governments encouraging a massive use of the internet and of its web resources.

Actually, today the number of users of the internet is really high and it keeps growing with time each month, so for the just-started new year 2016 we should expect a continuous growth of users.

Authoritative data about the internet users

According to the Internet World Stats (a Miniwatts Marketing Group), in November 2015 the internet users in the world were:

48.2% in Asia

18.0% in Europe

10.2% in South America

9.8% in Africa

9.3% in North America

3.7% in Middle East

0.8% in Oceania

However, the region of the globe which features the largest growth in terms of internet usage and population is Middle East, with its 3,649.8% more users since 2000.

On the opposite side, we can see the Europe and North America are the two regions of the planet with the smaller growth data: in other terms, the connection to the internet is becoming a serious realty in the rest of the world, while Europe and North America still stays on a slow-growth level.

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Why Use Our Text 2 Find Option For Your Service

Making your customers fall in love with your services is most likely your number one desire at the moment; but, often times, this is easier said than done. According to official data, it would appear that little over 37% of brands have received “good” or “excellent” customer experience index scores according to the Forrester Research completed in 2012. The rest of the remaining brands scored “OK” and “poor” and even “very poor” customer ratings. Moreover, close to 90% of all consumers have stated they have started using the services of a competitor after a poor experience with another company. It is therefore crucial to create a powerful bond with your customers and ensure them your services are the best they could possibly choose. And this is where or Text 2 Find service comes to life.

Consumers Willing To Pay More For Better Customer Experiences

There are over 60 percent of all consumers who would much rather pay extra just to ensure a better customer experience when using a service or certain company. With a yearly value of customer relationships lost competitors or simply abandoned close to $300 according to the Genesys Report, there is no wonder it is more profitable to pay to retain customers rather than take the risk of losing them.

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