Text Talk December: SMS Messaging in 2021

Text Talk December: SMS Messaging in 2021

Textmunication brings you Text Talk December, our monthly newsletter where we present the latest news on our software advancements, hand selected industry insights and other important topics regarding text message marketing. What a year it has been for us all right? First and foremost we would like to pay a huge thanks to essential workers on the front-lines and all that are supporting. We understand that this is a newsletter about marketing technology and why it is important to the world, but so is sharing the value of humanity.


At the end of the year, our team rallies together to spend time thinking about our journey; what our loudest customer callings are, how we can keep evolving our answer to that feedback and the involvement Textmunication has to empower the communities and corporations we serve. We are excited to welcome 2021 and all opportunities that are on the horizon.


In brief we will cover:


  • Software enhancements
  • ROI Calculator
  • SMS in 2021

Parent account URL click reporting advanced


We have advanced the URL click reporting to make feedback more seamless. Now from the parent account of a multi-location setup, users are able to go a step further and get a full summary of engagement metrics. All you have to do is nominate a parent account and the metrics for child accounts will all be available. Reporting should be easy so you can get back to work.


Short URL creator added 


We added a short URL creator in the tools section which also features a library of all the short URLs you have created in your account. Now we added a drawer so users can access them whenever they need to.


Opt-outs reporting summaries


We have made it easier to see who has opted out of your group. Navigate to the subscriber section of SAM, select the group and that information is available amongst other important list summary information.


ASF RESTful integration prospect, members, scheduler API

We have advanced the integration we have with ASF to bring you super cool automated features for prospects and members! If you or anyone you know uses ASF let them know that Textmunication has the best SMS API for ASF payment solutions users on the market!


Create custom fields for web forms


We have given users the freedom to create custom attributes and use them in their web forms to collect more data. Segmentation in theory is target ability so let your creativity wander and see how specific data points can yield return.


Show or hide keyword opt-ins in Inbox section 


The inbox feature was a mix of all types of recipients responses, but we found that it would be easier if users had the ability to control the content in their inbox. if we gave them the ability to remove keyword opt-ins. Now you can filter out keyword opt-ins so users don’t confuse that info with actual dialogue.


Offers campaign type added


Welcome the new campaign type called offers! Again, offers allow you to add a rich component to your text message marketing experience so you can welcome your recipients to a campaign using an interactive URL that gives you the ability to add an offer expiration date as well as additional copy. Oh yeah, we also added a “add offer url to message body” shortcut so you do not have to leave your campaign to find the SAM generated short URL.


File size description added


By popular demand we just had to add this directory, but let it be known that the maximum file size for an upload is 20MB in any section of SAM.


graphic design of ROI calculator promo


Our team just launched our ROI calculator! It is not like any ordinary calculator or contraption. We hand selected variables that we believed were dependent on the success and return of your text message marketing practices. What is more important, the cost or the return? Well we know one thing. It helps to know the expected return so you and your team can understand the risk mitigation involved with the investment.


Our mobile engagement platform SAM connects the relationship between your contact volume, promotional frequency and expected revenue per conversion.


Now you can learn the increase in annual revenue and how much you can save on operational costs when you deploy your SMS marketing strategy with Textmunication. You can check it out here.



SMS messaging will go through a lot of changes next year. As we start the new year off in an era that involves an emphasis on virtual experiences. Businesses will be looking for ways on how they can become competitive and take a step further in how they are designing their direct communication strategies.


That very principle is how we are designing SAM. Smart automated messaging means more than instant and direct engagement. Although, those qualities that have ignited the way for all the innovation we have been able to bring to market today.


You may be thinking, how will artificial intelligence exploit new opportunities with SMS marketing? Our current roadmap with SAM will push the limits with SMS engagement in 2021 by leveraging artificial intelligence, the messaging infrastructure that the protocol is built on, and content interpretation. The goal has always been the same. How can we supercharge the communities and help teams pursue more effective and impactful forms of outreach At Textmunication we believe we have the answer to that and we are just getting started. That is all for this newsletter ladies and gentlemen. Until next time and as always, happy texting and happy holidays!

Text Talk October: Software Enhancements

Text Talk October: Software Enhancements

Textmunication brings you another monthly newsletter where we present the latest pulsation on advancements we are bringing to cloud communication and the intersection with SMS messaging. We have some exciting release notes on our web applications and also some updates we would like to share on some inspiring customer success stories. Inspiration is contagious and we love sharing customer stories because we know that if a method works for them, you and your team could put your spin on it to make it work for you too.

Also if you have not already, check out our survey we are conducting on SMS marketing through COVID-19? Click here to view.

In brief we will cover:

Software enhancements

1. Offer Based Keywords

2. Custom Reporting Updates

3. Disclaimer Preferences Updates

4. Customized Webforms

5. Class Appointment Reminders

6. Custom Auto SMS

Case studies

1. Offer Based Keywords

We have deployed a change that makes keyword based promotional offers even easier. While creating keywords our users can now select the number of days that a keyword offer will be valid. Try creating your own and checking it out.

2. Custom Reporting Updates

We have deployed some advancements made to custom reporting that allows our users to get a greater details report of your campaign activity. Go and check them out!

3. Disclaimer Preference Updates

We have given our users the ability to customize the disclaimer message function that goes out to new subscribers.

4. Customized Webforms

We have deployed customized webforms to give our users the ability to create custom fields and add them to their webforms to collect that data.

5. Class Appointment Reminders

We have added class appointment reminders to our Auto SMS suite. Now our users can send a personalized class reminder to their members to ensure they stay in the know. This feature has been long-awaited so give it a go and let us know!

6. Custom Auto SMS

We have added a custom auto SMS creator for our users. Now they can create custom Auto SMS alerts based on the criteria that is set up in our queries generator. Create a custom Auto SMS alerts that goes to a specific gender, membership type, specific age range, last check-in time, city, state and more! This feature should advance your segmentation

Over the past few months we have conducted and gathered inspiring case studies from some of our clients who are finding results beyond their imagination. In these stories clients are adopting engagement practices that are changing their operational, relationship and revenue outcomes.

“I like the fact that people can send a message to us and we can reply to those people individually. It is all about meeting people where they are comfortable communicating. Textmunication really got us their and super fast” – Tim Clark, Corporate Sale sand Marketing Director

“It is pretty typical for fundraising to know that you need to thank your donors 7 – 10 times for a gift but in different ways. The texting piece works in some regard on that level. I also think it offers up opportunities if used correctly for nonprofit organizations to just stay in contact with people without having to ask for money.” – Tamara Reed-Taan, Associate Vice President of Development

“My favorite feature would have the be the newly introduced mobile scratch cards. When someone texts in with one of our pre-sale keywords their auto-response includes a link to a digital scratch card which they can ‘scratch’ to see if they’ve won a free year of membership!” – Sharilynn Brown, Marketing Manager

“We like the automation feature and we really like the dashboard as well. We like how we are able to immediately see what has been going out and the data of the text program that is being tracked.” – Valerie Craig, Marketing Manager

Want to hear why they gave us those testimonials? Click here.

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Text Talk September: Software Enhancements and Fitness Industry Reopening Update

Textmunication’s marketing team here again to bring you Text Talk, Textmunication’s monthly newsletter that brings you the latest pulsation on software enhancements, company updates, trends and industry insight for September. Text Talk is about sharing information that will support your go to marketing strategies around the SMS and RCS medium.

To begin, we would like to zoom out a bit. In California we have been in a mandatory stay-at-home order since March 19, 2020, so it has been around six and half months. Time sure does fly and we hope that your company is finding your growth strategy and using the right communication channels to do so (psst SMS work). From coast to coast Textmunication would like wish you good will and resilience in these times.

In brief we will cover:

Software enhancements

1. Wheel of fortune

2. Reporting an issue

3. Constituents codes added to queries

4. Custom queries to Auto SMS

5. ASF RESTful Integration complete

Reopening update in the Fitness Industry

1. Wheel of fortune

We made it even easier to get started with Textmunication and go direct with your engagement. Now you can sign up on your own! Just navigate to our registration link, fill out your contact information and you will have access to your very own SAM account.

Want to meet SAM and learn about all the features it comes with? Click here.

By default your initial activation will be set to a trial subscription, where you will receive 25 messages credits and a temporary long code. Although if you plan to hit the ground running and want to increase your messaging capabilities you just have to select a plan, then set up billing on a pay per use or monthly recurring basis. Once payment information is verified, your account will be fully active! Then you will have the choice to select whether you want to use a short or long code. We also made changing your plan a user-side control so you can upgrade, downgrade or even cancel whenever you want. The power is all yours!

2. Reporting an issue

We have updated the ability for our users to report an issue and send it directly to our technical support team. It is visible on the user-interface wherever you are located in the application. We understand that the software lifecycle is changing and modern consumers expect to have a direct line of communication between them and us, the product creators. That is why we have taken further steps to make this transaction smoother so we can gather more accurate feedback on usage and experience. Hope this helps.

3. Constituents codes added to queries

Now constituents codes in Blackbaud will be available and added as a filter option in the queries generator. As our software partners over at Blackbaud put it “Constituent codes define the high-level affiliations constituents have with your organization— such as Board member, Vendor, or Volunteer — and help you to understand why they’re in your database.” You can read more about constituent codes here.

4. Custom Queries to Auto SMS

For integrated accounts if you have a specific data segment to target you can now create those queries and set up Automated SMS alerts to go out on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly frequencies.

5. ASF RESTful Integration complete

Great news! We have just completed our RESTful API with ASF Payment Solutions and have pushed the updates into production. Now ASF Payment Solutions software users can leverage Textmunication’s Automated SMS solutions for prospect and member engagement.

ASF have been committed as a technology pioneer in the health and fitness industry since 1972 and make it so owners have more time to focus on building a stronger community for their members, helping them face the future of fitness.

The pandemic has reshaped the public perception on which businesses are essential and which ones are not. Gyms, health clubs and fitness centers were a commercial segment that was considered unsafe because of the population density. Although for the past few months, health and fitness industry advocates have voiced their concern about this, not only because of the economic impact, but because of the impact the absence of gyms will have on the community. Health, fitness and wellness for a lot of consumers starts at their gyms and the argument is that there is no supplement for that and that science is presenting a silver lining. Based on data drawn from over 2,00 gyms in the nation, the virus-to-visit ration is at 0.002% (npr). Supportive figures like this are motivating other business owners to tackle to pandemic driven perception and reopening under coronavirus control measures which include:

  • Capacity limitations
  • Social distance protocols
  • Face masks
  • Frequent equipment sanitation

We have also provided a few resources to help you with your public relations. Of course if your team is making a great effort into sustaining your coronavirus control measures, it’s time to tell your members all about it! They are below for reference.

An SMS Messaging Strategy To Help You Reopen Safely

Text Message Marketing Through COVID-19

Using SMS Marketing As An Emergency Alert System

We hope these resources help jumpstart or add the fuel to some of your campaign strategies to reshape your relationship with your members.

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Text Talk August: Software Enhancements and Our Partnership Network

Welcome to another monthly newsletter where our team here at Textmunication brings you our version of the latest pulsation on our industry, market, product, and company news! We hope that your team is finding resilience through this time in your strategies to grow your businesses and as always we are here to help with that.

Have you seen the survey we are conducting on SMS marketing through COVID-19? Click here to view.

In brief, we will cover:

  • Software enhancements just released
  • New features are on the way
  • Partnership network
  • Daily platform training on SAM

Software enhancements

Personalize Texts with Subscribers Name

When you send a text message, include your subscriber’s first name to create a more personalized message!

Customizable Web Forms

You can now brand web forms with logos, colors and collect additional info like address, zip code and more!

Multi-User logins

Create additional user logins for an account! Now members of your team can sign in and send messages using their own credentials.

How to Videos Are Here

How-To videos added throughout the system for each feature in case you need to refresh yourself on how a particular feature works. Just click the ‘?’ icon!

Offer Expires Countdown

Send deals or coupons that will countdown in real-time to a set expiration date building urgency to claim now.

Inbox/Two-Way communication

Notification feature that will send an SMS to users when somebody messages Inbox for faster awareness.

Mobile Scratcher and Mobile Referral

Send interactive SMS scratch cards to create a contest with your subscribers as well as unique web forms to capture referrals made by your customers.

New features on the way

SAM Blast 

Send SMS, RCS, Email, and Social Media all within our central platform! Post the same content across all your channels or a specific one, like SMS & Email, without having to log in to multiple platforms!

Blog graphic for partnership network page

At Textmunication we value software that makes a difference. Making a difference to us means that your organization offers a solution that is delivering innovative change to your market. Explore the organizations that we are working with now on our partnership network page. Click here to view.

 Blog graphic for daily training

We believe your success is based on three determinants. One is your understanding of all the features on SAM, two your understanding on the benefits, and lastly the use cases that will prove them to be most effective! That is why we created and design our daily training sessions that get you right in front of a Textmunication rep live so you can get the most out of your text message marketing experience. There are two primary ways you can get training from us.

One-on-one and group sessions

gif training directory on website

In our group sessions, you will have the opportunity to be able to work with Textmunication representatives on your mobile engagement goals and necessities so we can craft a feature set that works best for you. Click here to schedule training.

How-to videos

Blog graphic of training directory on SAM

If you do not have time to sit in with a Textmunication representative we also offer platform level tooltips that will offer you quick and easy how-to videos. The how-to videos are snackable size tutorials that will give you a quick platform overview of that section so you can learn on the go!

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Textmunication Joins Blackbaud Partner Network as an ISV Partner

Textmunication joins a network of companies providing applications and solutions that complement Blackbaud’s cloud offerings.

PLEASANT HILL, CA/ April 10, 2020 –Textmunication, Inc., a cloud-based SMS marketing platform provider, today announced that it has joined the Blackbaud Partner Network as a Blackbaud ISV Partner. With the partnership, Textmunication, Inc. joins a network of companies that provide applications and solutions that extend Blackbaud’s (NASDAQ: BLKB) cloud offerings in new ways.

Textmunication CEO, Wais Asefi, stated, “We are pleased to partner with the caliber of Blackbaud. The agreement represents a key milestone in our growth strategy as Blackbaud clients will utilize our communication platform in support of its current clients SMS needs, Blackbaud the world’s leading cloud software company powering social good for large to enterprise-level nonprofits, It is our plan to further bolster the experience of Blackbaud clients on our platform as we remain committed to building long-term partnership value to our mutual clients.”

This partnership allows Textmunication, Inc. cloud-based SMS marketing platform to leverage Blackbaud’s cloud fundraising and relationship management solution which will enable nonprofits to mobilize communicate on-demand to their members for donation, volunteering, and event management. Textmunication will offer nonprofits an SMS engagement, retention and loyalty marketing solution set that has a depth of more than 25+ solutions.

How to Learn More About Textmunication Holdings, Inc.

To learn more about Textmunication, Inc.’s cloud-based SMS marketing platform, visit: https://www.textmunication.com. You can also Text TXHD to shortcode 52236 to sign up for news alerts and announcements via SMS.

The Blackbaud Partner Network is a group of leading technology and services firms providing nonprofits with the solutions, applications, and strategies they need to make a difference in their local communities and worldwide. To learn more about Blackbaud’s ISV Partner program, visit: https://www.blackbaud.com

About Textmunication Holdings, Inc.

Based in Silicon Valley, Textmunication Inc. is a leading mobile marketing solutions provider to thousands of clients across North America. An early adopter of next-generation text message protocol Rich Communication Services (RCS), the Company currently leverages its proprietary SMS software platform to deliver robust APIs and integrated solutions to a diverse range of end-users including health and fitness facilities, beauty salons, sporting events, hospitality organizations, entertainment, and digital marketing firms. Committed to ongoing innovation, Textmunication was recognized by CIO Review Magazine as one of the “Top 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers” of 2018.  For more information: https://www.textmunication.com


Wais Asefi, CEO

Textmunication, Inc.

(800) 677-7003


Text Talk April: Software Enhancements, Partnership Announcements, and Social Good Initiatives

“A river cuts through a rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence” – Jim Watkins

To start this monthly newsletter of our team thought that it would be warming to share one of our favorite quotes about perseverance. At times we come face to face with great challenges like the epidemiological thread we are facing now. Words can rejuvenate our minds with uplifting ethics and energy so we hope that is what they were able to accomplish for you. As always we wish you and your family to be in goodwill during this time and that you are practicing conscious hygiene.

Also before we begin, our team would be extremely thankful to hear your thoughts in a survey we are currently conducting on text message marketing through COVID-19. Click here to take our survey.

Furthermore, we have some exciting updates to share with you on what we have been sailing our operation towards to advance our SMS and RCS experience for you and ultimately your mobile consumers.

In brief, we will cover:

  • Software enhancements and updates
  • Textmunication Integration with Blackbaud
  • Textmunication Donates to Feeding America
  • Textmunication Awared Best Advertising Agency of 2020
  • Text Message Marketing Through COVID-19

SAM Software enhancements and updates

Sprint 18

Auto adjust to daylight saving

SAM automatically adjusts to daylight savings now to convert timestamps in reporting automatically to reflect daylight savings adjustments.

Welcome our new Whitelabel Click2connect

Click2Connect is our new white-label partner and will be leveraging the design of Textmunication’s cloud-based mobile engagement platform SAM to service other industries in North America.

Shortcode message routing improvement

The infrastructure that supports all on-demand and scheduled campaigns will be more optimal. You can also default which shortcode you are using in your provisioning settings in the admin panel.

Local time zone automatically set

All timestamps are now displayed in the client portal based on the local timezone selected and updated automatically.

Quick rewards campaign creator for check-in’s

We have added a quick rewards campaign creator to make your experience using MYLA easier. MYLA is SAM’s loyalty reward feature that allows operators to develop member loyalty by enrolling members for a reward based on check-ins. Go to the feature and check it out.

More web form customization in SAM

Now you can gather more insight about your database and leverage those properties to have more target ability with your campaigns. We have advanced the web form customization in SAM to include the following fields:

  • Gender
  • Address Information
  • Occupation
  • Marital Status

We also will be adding a customization web form field that you will be able to name anything so you can start collecting any type of information you would like. Stay tuned.

Data pull performance update

The stability and security of our data pull cycles are our utmost priority. If you are a software partner of ours, we want to make sure your data is passed between databases safely. We have fine-tuned that experience so it is more reliable and faster.

Parent ID added to account view

We have made some account information available for a quick view so you don’t have to navigate around to find information if you have a multi-account setup.

Class appointment reminder alerts added

We added another auto SMS alert called “Class Appointment Reminders” to the Auto SMS section of SAM. Now you can set up and create as many class appointment reminders as you want.

Subscriber manager updates

We added a quick view for total subscribers in a group and also the total of usable data that is in that same folder. Usable data consists of subscribers that have been sent a disclaimer and have had successful campaign delivery. It also consists of data that is pulled after the cut-off date. We continue to work on this feature so you can have optimal subscriber integrity.

Parent account credits mirror sub-accounts

We have improved the parent account and sub-account sync. Now updates made in the parent account such as SMS limits will reflect in all sub-accounts. The sync option is changeable and can be modified in the admin panel.

Sprint 19

RCS delivery, read, and response receipts

We have updated the RCS messaging protocol experience within SAM. We have just finalized the backend development to give users the ability to see delivery, read, and response receipts to give platform operators more insight into the performance of their RCS campaigns. We have also included error codes that will let you know if the RCS recipient’s number was enabled or not. As well as any other reason for why the message did not deliver successfully.

Country field added to sub-accounts

When creating a sub-account in SAM, we have added a country field for our multi-national account operators so they can see the country each account they have is active in.

RCS feature enablement feedback

We added an RCS capabilities notification that will collapse within your account if your account supports RCS sending. You can view this in the admin panel and also check to see if all other features are enabled there as well.

Dynamic field insert added

We have added and made a website and club phone number fields in the account profile section dynamic. Dynamic fields have the ability to be pulled from other areas of the platform so when you are crafting your campaigns you can easily pull info from your account and insert it in the text at a marked position. For example, if you insert the text BUSINESS_NAME in your message where the cursor is then that is the position in your message body that the information will be pulled and placed.

Enhanced account registration form

Account registration should be seamless, which is why we have enhanced our registration for new accounts, sub-accounts and white label sub-accounts from those points of entry into SAM.

Textmunication strides to keep continuous communication about our software enhancements. Also, it is important to note that we are also constantly trying to improve our experience for users so updates are always subject to change.

Textmunication Integration with Blackbaud

We are proud to announce that we recently finalized an agreement with the worlds leading social good CRM software provider, Blackbaud. As a cloud based solution Blackbaud is now the 18th largest vendor worldwide in SaaS applications in revenue and ranked by the International Data Corporation (IDC). Blackbaud’s solution portfolio is a progressive drawer of tools for high impact social good organizations to get results with all aspects of program management. Click here to learn more about our partnership with Blackbaud.

Textmunication Donates to Feeding America

Feeding America is one of the nation’s leading non-profit organizations whose mission is to feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger. Every $1 contributes to least 10 meals to families. If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved and join the cause click here to donate.

Textmunication Awarded Best of 2020

Graphic announcing award from pleasant hill award program

This month the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce awarded Textmunication as one of the best advertising agencies in the city of Pleasant Hill in 2020. Wahoo! For those that may not know, our company’s headquarters has been in Pleasant Hill since it was founded and it means a lot to our team that we are recognized by our city.

Text Message Marketing Though COVID-19

We hope that each organization, team, and all extensions of family and friends are in goodwill through these chapters of the pandemic. We must all continue to stay positive and support each other during this time as we find ways to advanced out of this situation. If you may not have seen them our team published some articles that support how marketing teams can use text message marketing during this time. Feel free to leave comments

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