A Text Messaging Strategy to Generate Webinar Enrollments

A Text Messaging Strategy to Generate Webinar Enrollments

Text messaging can be used to generate enrollments for online webinars because of the 90% open and read rates that the channel delivers. Webinars can be a useful online marketing tool because you can use them to connect large groups of people who share a common interest online and still leverage the value that face-to-face experiences bring. Not only that but, webinars can be used to create memorable experiences around product reviews, product demonstrations, focus groups, surveys, meet and greets and more.


Regardless of your strategy if you follow this three step process, you can be sure that your next webinar generates higher enrollment and participation. 


How to generate sign ups


After you have created your webinar details using the webinar service of your choice, now is the time to load all of those meeting details into your text marketing app. Place the name of the webinar, the date, the time, an incentive, and a short link to the registration details so they can submit their information.


How to generate participation


Now that you have sent out your first promotion to generate awareness on the webinar, you will want to make sure that all those registrants get a few text reminders about the webinar! The reminders will show that you are helping them stay on track and also give you another opportunity to maybe create some suspense and excitement around the campaign. Sending nurturing details like additional webinar features like updates to the agenda or special guest definitely help compound interest.


How to get feedback


After your webinar it is important to establish constant contact with your attendees. One of the best ways to do that is to send a follow up campaign asking them for post webinar feedback. This is a great way to continue to build on the relationship and show that you want to hear how the experience could have been improved for future campaigns.


Creating more moderators


Another great way to continue to build on the relationship is to ask any of the attendees who were active on the webinar, perhaps one who asked open ended questions and had enthusiasm if they want to help host your next webinar experience. You could also ask them to do some campaigning with their networks so you can establish even more attendees from a different network.


As we say, texts works the best amongst the rest! So be sure to follow a similar format for this set up on all your channels to create a multi-channel effect. This is just one of the plethora of ways you can use a text messaging strategy to supercharge the communication impact of any campaign.


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A Text Messaging Strategy to Generate Webinar Enrollments

Celebrities Are Texting Their Fans Now, Are You?

For a long time it was just about email, social media and website strategies for celebrities because of the value those channels would bring to their marketing. Although, there is another channel that is delivering higher open, read and engagement outcomes. It’s text messaging!


It has become quite evident to the world now that text marketing makes your campaigns count. Using technology that has already been around but giving it a more modern app-like touch has made it easier for celebrities to scale their outreach to fans and supporters about events, product line drops, social activity and other connectors.


Some of the biggest celebrities on the planet have already started adopting it and growing their mobile number databases since 2019. For example, one of hip hop’s most renown American MC’s Sean Love Combs, also known by the stage names Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Puffy. He sent a tweet to text him and it received thousands of engagements.

graphic design showing celebrity start diddy and the autoresponder when you text his text messaging number

Although, why have celebrities all of a sudden noticed text marketing effectiveness? Why has a trend or marketing solution that has been available in the market for finally breaching worldwide adoption? Let’s explore what our team found.


Multi-channel marketing strategy supercharger


As you may have noticed celebrities and businesses alike have really strong marketing strategies and you can tell by examining their social footprints. Celebrities furnish the full digital marketing app ecosystem using apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tik Tok and more.


Why text messaging adds so much to the value of all those apps is because of the direct and immediate qualities. You can use text to control the flow of your audience. Let’s say you have something on one of your social apps that you want to direct them to instantly. You can text it to them.


Read and open rates


Which leads us to our second point, read and open rates. There just isn’t a marketing channel that comes close to the open and read rates that text messaging will give you. Text messaging gives you 90% read rates within 5 minutes on average. Plus being in the text marketing inbox for anyone is a win because unlike push notification they can actually begin a two-way conversation.

Direct messaging with the masses


Text messaging systems give you direct messaging with groups at any scale. It could be a one on one conversation or a campaign to 1 million recipients. Text marketing systems like SAM by Textmunication allow you to manage all the data and user profiles that are associated with your numbers, all in one place.


Build more personal connections


The social sentiment around texting is that it is a very personal medium. Just like you wouldn’t give out your number to anyone, you probably only want to text your favorite companies. As a business owner you can leverage this sentiment to create and build more personal connections and not generic “one size fits all” campaigns.


If you are a talent and artist management group or even a celebrity on the rise and on your way, Textmunication can offer the same benefits that you are looking for when it comes to fans, supporter, donors or patrons!


P.S. We are hearing a lot about this company called community app and our product is out of the box with more engagement features so your text marketing strategy can have more variation. You can check them out here.


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A Text Messaging Strategy to Generate Webinar Enrollments

Why Text Notifications Have An Edge On Push Notifications

Companies invest a lot of time in how their apps connect and communicate with us. From the perspective of the apps, notifications and alerts are their voice. This is one of the most important features because it is how the app will inform the user, which ultimately means how the company will.


You might be wondering if text notifications are more effective than push notifications if you’re trying to figure out if you should dedicate push notice resources around an application to communicate with your clients or just simply send out trigger based notifications.


Notifications are the only thing you can do with text. Explore our other solutions.


Let’s investigate why texting has some advantages and we will also discuss some of the advantages you get with push notifications.


Texting is easy to understand


Texting is all around us and is being adopted by businesses to share information about alerts for an event, receipt, update or announcement. Since it has a high adaptability this makes it easy for users to interact and complete specific tasks since the technology has been in production for so long. For example, if your call to action is to text a keyword to receive info, enroll, redeem or vote it can be easily consumer initiated without any extra steps. Also you can set up trigger based automated using our APIs for billing, confirmations, delivery confirmations, booking confirmations, upselling coupons and discounts opportunities, wishlist alerts, thank you messages, and inventory insights.

Texting wins here because in order for a push app to work, you need app downloads. Which leads us to our next point.


No download or additional app needed 


Since the text messaging foundation is already included in every device and modern operating system such as iOS or Android, it gives it the edge when it comes to preparation out of the box. Push notifications need an app to reach people, but it can become a challenge because of consumer mobile behavior sentiment towards downloading new apps (Source: TechCrunch). In this comparison, text marketing takes the W.


Have two-way conversations


Text notifications also give you the ability to have two-way conversations in response to any of the outbound that goes out whether it is an update, announcement, promotion or appointment. This can be an extremely important feature especially if there are any changes, either party can send a message directly to the user.


Push app notification clutter


Texting has more considerable etiquette when it comes to outreach, especially from companies. Companies generally will not text you anytime out of the 9 am – 5 pm interval. App push notifications on the other hand don’t have texting regulation to abide by. Because of this you can receive email, social media, banking, calendar alerts, all throughout the night and the list goes on. Just something else to consider when thinking about how you want the notification experience to be branded.


A text marketing program can save you all that time and supply the same communication quality when it comes to creating a memorable experience with your consumers. The solutions for starting a conversation with your clients immediately already exist so for teams trying to scale fast and immediately, until you have those other technical resources available, then it is a strategic option. Again, push notifications are a great solution if you have software foundation, text marketing can just get you off the ground quicker.


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Textmunication, FranBizNetwork’s Approved Text Marketing Vendor

Textmunication, FranBizNetwork’s Approved Text Marketing Vendor

Are you a restaurant franchise owner who is trying to grow your revenue using a text marketing strategy? Textmunication is now FranBizNetwork’s approved text marketing vendor. With this partnership we are granted access to 70+ years of FranBizNetwork’s developed client portfolio. Giving us the ability to reach out to hundreds of franchisee owners across the nation who operate in the industry.


Benefits of Text Marketing


Franchise owners can leverage the benefits of text marketing to streamline their operations of their franchise, boost loyalty for their business and increase retention. They can also use it to create other positive marketing ripples like, boosting online ordering, increasing mobile app downloads and participation and augmenting support and service.

Can Textmunication help increase revenue and customer loyalty?


Yes we can! Textmunication has served hundreds of restaurant owners and helped them supercharge their customer engagement by giving them tools to first find and grow their mobile audience. Then once the community has been developed, Textmunication’s text marketing app, SAM makes it easy to create simple, immediate and targeted messaging campaigns in moments.


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There is a text marketing strategy that you can formulate for your business. We have some additional resources on our website that can help you get started if you need some ideas.

QR Codes and Text Marketing Together

QR Codes and Text Marketing Together

QR Codes and text message marketing strategies actually go more hand and hand than you may have originally thought. You are probably familiar with those black and white matrix-like barcodes that you can find on tables, desktop counter cards, commercial window displays or any other print material. Those are called QR codes and we have just added a QR code generator on SAM by Textmunication. There are tons of useful ways you can use them to create more interactive experiences between your customers and grow your database!


How it works?


We have created a QR code generator in two areas of SAM. The first is our keyword and keyphrase organizer and the second is our webform manager. The QR code offers another engagement option for consumers. So instead of opting in for info, they can scan for info or instead of opting in to enroll, they can scan to enroll. Of course this is all done through the camera that is available on that specific mobile device.  


Use cases 


The really intuitive thing about text marketing app supported QR codes is the app connection. Since the QR code generator is situated next to specific features, the flow to enable and use them is just as immediate as it would be to use any of the primary features. That means for popular use cases like:


  • Promotions
  • Coupons
  • Security
  • App downloads
  • Customer service and support
  • Internet access
  • Product insights
  • Product reviews
  • Help desk
  • Information requests


Whatever meets your imagination it is all possible and now available as a QR code in your favorite text marketing app, SAM! We know that the most popular mobile phone use cases for QR codes are centered around improving the consumer experience. Keywords and webforms are predominantly used in the similar fashion so we thought it would be fitting for usability. Again our team’s mission is to make the user experience with SAM pleasurable and fulfilling.


A reason for adoption


QR codes are fun to use and everyone actually thinks so. Especially because consumers enjoy to use their cameras to augment the world around them. For technology-enabled markets that is presenting a lot of opportunity for engagement. In a sample survey, our team found digging for QR codes statistics, 86% of respondents said that they have used a QR code at least once in their lifetime (source: Scanova.io).


QR codes are one out of our 25+ in-app text marketing features. Click here to meet them all!


Another interesting marketing indication, is that the pandemic created a market shift necessity for touch- free or contactless interactive solutions. QR codes have been the answer and are making a comeback. They actually date all the way back to 1994 and originated in Japan, by their founder Masahiro Hara. The more you know right?


Just like text messaging QR codes present a safe way to keep businesses and consumers engaged so they work perfectly together as a one-two punch. 


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