Hyper-targeting With SMS Marketing

Authors: The Textmunication Team | September 27, 2017 | 4 min

Do you know the benefits of SMS hyper-targeting? Well, are you interested to know? Read this blog to get an idea on how mobile hyper-targeting can help your business and client base grow.

Large numbers of brands are trying to deliver personalized advertisements to their potential customers. You may say that it’s not a new thing and you may constantly be seeing personalized ads on social media sites. But do you know why different businesses are making such a move? The answer is simple – they do not just want to target, but hyper-target their customers.


What is Hyper-Targeting

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Hyper-targeting is the process advertisers use for targeting extremely specific consumer profiles in overcrowded media channels. Simply, it means if you like using digital technology, you will get to view advertisements for products which you are interested in. For instance, if you love branded clothes and searching for a trendy cloth store near you, you will discover it.


Why Hyper-targeting and SMS

Do you know the best medium to hyper-target your customers? The answer is simple – SMS hyper-targeting creates the most effective way to reach out to your specific customers. With the increasing use of mobile phones among millions of people across the globe, text messaging has become the most inexpensive and convenient method to send promotional messages to your customers.


SMS Makes Segmentation Easy

Advertisers can create audience segments for their advertisements – anything from their shopping habits and favorite brands to location and age. If you do it right with mobile hyper-targeting, you can ensure great responses from your target customers, significantly enhancing your brand image and product popularity. Effectively develop creative strategies for addressing specific segments via text messages, thereby lowering the numbers of irrelevant advertisements and messages which can annoy your customers.


In conclusion

Whether you are a small business or large, target marketing can provide you many benefits. Reaching out to small groups of the right people is much better than developing irrelevant mass marketing campaigns. The best part of segmentation is that you can group the known facts like financial status, gender and age of your potential customers with more intangible aspects of their lifestyle. Mobile hyper-targeting can save you promotional money as well! Textmunication can help with SMS marketing strategies, automated SMS, and campaigns for disaster alerts. Click here to learn more.

SMS – The Best Disaster Communication Tool

Authors: The Textmunication Team | September 22, 2017 | 4 min

Many are left in a difficult situation after this devastating series of hurricanes. The amount of effected scales extremely high, which is why quick and fast communication is crucial. The purpose of this piece is to outline some of the reasons why text messaging not only can be used a business tool, but also a humanitarian one. Please read on to find out why text messaging is the best communication tool in these times.

Mass text messaging, apart from being helpful for businesses, is the ideal tool for disaster management. Even though people and government are prepared for a natural disaster, it’s always a time of distress. The consequence of the disaster results in people searching for assistance, whether in the form of donations, supplying food items, monetarily or physical aid. People are instantly aware of the disaster and urged to provide relief and support to the affected individuals through SMS.

Before digital technology, offering relief support used to take weeks and sometimes even months to arrive at places affected by disasters like tornados, hurricanes, Tsunamis, earthquakes, and floods. With SMS, offering disaster support and aid is quick and convenient. Through texting, people can easily participate in relief efforts and make donations.


Ensure Quick and Effective Support with Text Messaging

When it comes to handling crisis situations, time is extremely critical. It necessitates the use of an emergency alert system that can instantly grab the attention of the community. Today, no one is without a mobile phone, and everybody knows how to read a text message.

Text messages can be the right step for emergency management. The government and aid providers can easily organize their contacts into special groups where they can implement a campaign for quick support. For instance, a school can have their contacts separated from parents and faculty, whereas businesses can organize by ranks in the company or department. You can select the mode that works ideally for your community, organization, and business.

There was a time when text messages were regarded solely as tools for businesses searching for ways to enhance their business and lure more customers towards their brand. But today, text messages are also serving as an aid for an auto response – providing a simple and inexpensive way of donating and helping people in the disaster.


Mass Text Messaging Makes it Simpler

According to United Nations reports, global mobile subscriptions are expected to reach seven billion very soon, with developing countries in Asia and Africa seeing the fastest growth. With millions of people having their mobile phones with them at all times, making donations is easy and convenient. Apart from making the entire donation process easier, mass text messaging also makes it simpler to know about a disaster and learning about its new developments through an exceptionally user-friendly method. When an emergency occurs, you are ready to relay important messages in seconds.

With the use of SMS campaigns, it is easy to text stories and updates. The use SMS for helping in a disaster will allow large numbers of people to act and will quickly text to donate!

Textmunication can help with SMS marketing strategies, automated SMS, and campaigns for disaster alerts. Click here to learn more.

SMS Marketing for Restaurants- Enhancing Brand Awareness and Engaging Customers

When it comes to engaging your customers, enhancing sales and increasing brand awareness for your restaurants, SMS marketing creates the ideal medium. With text messages, not only can you ensure the cost-effective promotion of your restaurant, but also use a highly popular channel customers have easy access to.

Apart from an effective and affordable medium, another benefit of text message marketing is that it is a permission-based activity. Customers who are interested in receiving your messages will subscribe. Whenever you initiate an SMS marketing campaign, it will be directed towards interested customers, thereby significantly enhancing the chances of a quick response.

A quick look towards the benefits of SMS marketing for restaurants

  • Great reach
  • Most of your customers have easy access to a mobile
  • Customers are more likely to respond to a text message as compared to emails
  • Coupons which you send via SMS have almost eight times higher redemption rates

The Uses of SMS Marketing for a Restaurant

Apart from sending timely coupons to your customers, you can use text messages for various other activities. You can share positive reviews of your restaurants, send VIP promotions and inform consumers about special events or discounts. You can even initiate a competition via text messages. As soon as customers hear the message beep, you can start a ‘first come first serve’ promotion as well!

Ways to initiate SMS Marketing for your Restaurant

When starting a text messaging campaign for your restaurant, you require two things – a database of customers for sending your messages and a convenient and affordable bulk text messaging platform. When you select a bulk text messaging platform, text messaging will be a straightforward function. You just require uploading your customer’s database, compose your message and click send. You can also schedule your message to be dispatched at a time when the messages will receive the maximum readability.

You can easily measure the success of your restaurant SMS marketing strategy via obtaining vital information via spikes in engagement – open rates and delivery rates – for fine tuning future strategies.

Quick Ways to Raise Brand Awareness and Enhance Customer Engagement

You can use bulk text messaging to initiate surveys among customers and request them to respond. With the help of the survey, you will get to know the hot favorite items of your restaurants which can further enhance the popularity of your restaurant. If you send interesting surveys or polls, your customers may even share it with their colleagues, friends, and families!

SMS marketing can enhance brand awareness and increase customer engagement. Use it for your restaurant promotion and make it the most popular establishment in your area!


Textmunication can help your restaurant with SMS marketing strategies, automated SMS, and campaigns. Click here to learn how.



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SMS Marketing Benefits for the Gaming Industry

Nowadays, SMS has become the most common form of communication for people across the globe. The response rate of SMS is much more than emails, thereby providing businesses the ideal marketing tools. With the ever growing popularity of SMS marketing, it has become a great channel for gambling, betting, and lotteries.

Extremely popular games and services are casino games like roulette and poker. Gaming and betting industry can easily benefit from text marketing via sending information about prices and odds and tips for enhancing the gaming strategy and possibility of winning. With mobile phones in their pockets or purses anytime, people quickly pick it up and check the message when they hear a beep. So, the gaming and betting businesses can deliver information to their subscribers anytime.

Ways Gaming Businesses and Casinos Benefit from Text Marketing

Welcome new registered users

Gaming businesses can use creative text messages to encourage new subscribers and encourage them towards depositing money.

Information about open seats

Traditionally, the customers had to get their name entered on the waiting list to play a poker or casino game. But if they moved to another room for a drink or refreshment, they often missed hearing their name called, thereby enhancing their waiting time. But with SMS, they can get quick information about open seats, irrespective of the place they are in. This can eliminate the risk of missing their turn to play their favorite game.

Send time sensitive Updates

Large numbers of betting and gaming companies have started using text marketing for sending time sensitive updates about the current matches, races or other gaming opportunities.

Send tailor-made messages

Betting and gaming businesses can now easily please their customers via sending tailor messages. Whenever there is a big game or race, you can send SMS to only interested customers.

Boost Brand Awareness

Bookers and gamers can easily use SMS as an effective marketing tool for boosting brand awareness. With fewer messages sent only to already subscribed customers, the costs will be lower, relevant messages sent and more customers interested in latest games and betting.

Encourage bets while playing

With customers taking their phones wherever they go, text messages makes the perfect platform for betting in-play services. The same messages can be sent to all the customers who have subscribed for SMS, including those who have bet unsuccessfully on the gaming event.

To end, it is obvious to state that SMS marketing is the smart way for gaming industry to enhance their customer base and increase brand awareness!


Textmunication can help your gaming firm or casino with SMS marketing strategies, automated SMS, and campaigns. Click here to learn how.



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Effective Ways Domino’s Uses SMS Marketing For Driving Sales

Promising quick response rates and enhanced customer engagement, SMS marketing is significantly helping the food industry drive sales. Customers tend to use their mobile phones for finding the nearest restaurants, getting directions, ordering food, booking tables, browsing menus and checking reviews. Text marketing can considerably help you make your restaurant the favorite among customers!

In this blog, let’s analyze the SMS marketing strategy of Domino’s, a popular U.S. pizza restaurant chain.

Preparing and Scheduling

Plan your strategy in advance to ensure everything is set well before initiating your text messaging campaign. With proper scheduling, you can save time and enhance success rates.

Great Timing

Do not send SMS alerts at times when the recipients are busy. They may get irritated and annoyed. Domino’s doesn’t overload its customers with unwanted messages. If you send messages frequently, it can reduce the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Domino’s typically sends its messages during Fridays and Saturdays, the most popular days when the customers are sure to order. Send messages when you believe your customers are free and will be tempted to order.

Write Persuasively

To increase the numbers of customers interacting with your text campaigns, writing persuasive messages is crucial. Domino’s uses active verbs like ‘order,’ ‘call’ and ‘buy,’ along with words requesting immediate action like ‘this week,’ ‘today’ or ‘now.’


A key aspect to SMS marketing success is through personalization. During the collection of customer details, Domino’s segments its customers according to the stores they frequent the most. This helps in localizing text messages. Domino’s adds local store offers, the name of store and contact details. This helps you can connect with your customers and offers a level of personalization.

Developing Mobile-Friendly Website

Domino’s mobile marketing navigates the consumer towards its website. They maintain their website perfectly and ensure it is mobile-friendly. This can help in achieving your conversion goals.

Seasonal Text Marketing

Domino’s taps into the benefits of special events and festivities all year round. This assists in keeping messages updated, exciting and interesting. You can capitalize on holidays or special events and entice your customers to order from your restaurant or visit it personally.

Textmunication can help your business replicate Domino’s SMS marketing strategies and significantly enhance the popularity of your restaurant! Click here to learn how.



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