What A New Member Alert Can Do For Your Club

Keeping up with each and every new member you enroll day to day is going to be a challenge. At Textmunication we understand that the first 90 days of a new member joining any club are critical. Within the first 90 days you can often determine if a member will be sticking around for the long haul or short term. With so many important things to communicate, amenities to offer and to ensure your new member starts on the right path towards their fitness goals. Allow Textmunication’s AUTOMATED “New Member Alerts” streamline that process with today’s most effective method of communication, text messaging!


What are New Member Alerts?   


Integrated with your club management system, Textmunication can automate a series custom text message to each and every new member your club enrolls within the first 90 days of enrollment. You can set up 1-6 automated text messages with vital information to each new member starting from day one then a series of follow ups. For example: a welcome message, 7 day follow up, 30 day, 60 day, then a 90 day. These text messages would be a great opportunity for your club too.


  1. Ensure the new member books their 1st appointment with a trainer.
  2. Capture point of sale referrals from each new member which is vital for any club. Referral Web Forms – Keyword & Short Code
  3. Encourage the new member to download a mobile application the club may have.
  4. Get the new member active and invite to try a class with a friend! Class Schedules
  5. Reward the new member for working out X amount of times within their first 90 days.
  6. Collect feedback on the sales process for fine tuning and more!!!


Whether you’re a current Textmunication user or not and would like more information on this features, please let us know.


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Thank you for your time and we look forward to growing your club’s business!



The Textmunication Team


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Textmunication Holdings, Inc. and USText, LLC entered into a strategic alliance allowing the two organizations to grow into new markets and verticals.

PLEASANT HILL, California., May 11, 2015– Textmunication Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:TXHD), today Textmunication Holding, Inc announced a Strategic Alliance with USText, LLC.  Under the alliance, Textmunication will provide USText, LLC with access to certain proprietary campaign management functionality and delivery of automated SMS text message to USText, LLC clients.

USText, LLC is a communication business that helps restaurants/bars, fairs & festivals, indie music artist, and entertainment venues increase exposure & sales. USText, LLC digs deep to understand each client’s business; they put together custom plans that increase sales and provide measurable results.

USText, LLC is comprised of two services: MNText and GrooveText™.

MNText is a connection service that allows personal engagement between customers and a brand. The MNText service positions SMS in a way that helps consumers learn more about  a brand’s uniqueness, and in the end result – they help develop a deeper connection between a brand and consumer. MNText does this by the use of SMS marketing and enticing copy writing tactics that attract consumers to take action.

MNText service invests 50% of its net profits to charity. 25% of its profits to help empower people around the United States living in extreme poverty and 25% of profits helping veterans with PTSD. Helping people in need gives them joy and a purpose.

GrooveText helps indie artist sell digital albums at concerts, promote upcoming shows, sell more merchandise, form relationships with promoters, and venues. GrooveText is the #1 SMS marketing service that helps Indie Artist grow their business and sell digital downloads at concerts.

GrooveText will help Textmunication move into a new vertical that is untouched and that has a strong ability to take USText, LLC and Textmunication to a new level. Music Artist are just dying to start selling digital downloads at shows and connect with their fan base on their personal handheld devices.

GrooveText is also a giving service:

GrooveText invests 50% of its net profits to charity. 25% of its profits to help empower people around the United States living in extreme poverty and 25% of the profits support indie artists playing more music!

About Textmunication Holdings, Inc.

Textmunication is an online mobile marketing platform service that will connect merchants with their customers and allow them to drive loyalty and repeat business in a non-intrusive, value added medium. For merchants, it provides a mobile marketing platform where they can always send the most up-to-date offers/discounts/alerts/events schedule, such as happy hours, trivia night, and other campaigns. The consumer can also access specials and promotions that merchants choose to distribute through Textmunication by opting into keywords designated to the merchants keywords. Allowing consumers to take their information wherever they go and learn about the latest buzz as soon as they are available, providing the consumer events, deals, and messages on their cell phone via SMS messaging, Textmunication is a mobile marketing platform that connects the mass consumer to the content that they crave – anywhere, anytime, through virtually any mobile device for all local events and promotions.

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